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Why Choose Intellispect?

Intellispect prides itself on exceeding our customer's expectations by using the latest technology to perform the most thorough inspection possible. While others may show up with little more than a flashlight and a copy of the state minimum standards of inspection, we'll arrive on site with an arsenal of high tech equipment and the determination to go the extra mile.


This approach to home inspection will arm you with the knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision. Below are just a few ways we go above and beyond the industry standard. Keep in mind these are not normally part of a home inspection but we include them with every inspection at no extra charge!

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Infrared Certifiedthermal imaging is a non-destructive technology that allows us to show you things conventional methods can't. Useful in detecting moisture intrusion and pest infestation as well as energy saving opportunities, infrared scanners are the closest an inspector can get to x-ray vision. Our Infrared Certified inspectors are trained to be able to recognize defects that can only be seen in the infrared spectrum. These defects are often invisible to the naked eye. Read more about Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Ultrasonic Oil Tank Testing

Above Leaking Oil Tankground fuel oil tanks can be problematic because they often fail with little warning, causing horrible spills and costing thousands in environmental cleanup costs. We've devised an early warning system using ultrasound technology to alert you of a potentially failing tank that may cost hundreds or more to replace. Read more about Ultrasonic Oil Tank Testing.

Combustible Gas Leak Detection

Propane Gas Leak Detectionand natural gas systems are supposed to be sealed from leaks which can be caused by poor seals and connections as well as inadequate welds. Slow gas leaks from small defects or vibrations can be difficult to detect and very dangerous with the potential for explosions. Our inspectors are equipped with a gas detector to check your gas systems for such leaks and protect you from such a disaster.

Appliance Recall Checks

It Appliance Recall Checkis estimated that up to 25% of houses that have had their appliances checked for recalls have had at least one recalled appliance. More than 80% of appliance recalls are the result of improperly installed wiring, overheating motors/relays or other component failures. Appliance repair or replacement can be expensive, and you should be made aware of these hidden costs before you buy.

99-Day Warranty

We are so confident that you'll receive the most comprehensive, thorough, and complete home inspection that we're putting our money where our mouths are by including a 99-day warranty with every inspection performed. If we miss something or wrongly say there's nothing wrong with a component of your new home, we'll have it fixed or the inspection is free. This warranty is one more way we demonstrate our desire and commitment to protect your investment.

Our Inspection Reports

Our Sample Reporteasy-to-understand reports, complete with color photos, will highlight any defects we discover, including safety hazards, as well as identify easy ways to improve your home's efficiency and performance. We know your time is precious, so we emphasize the most important issues up front and most electronically delivered reports are in your hands within 24 hours. If questions arise in the future, phone and email consultation is free for as long as you own your home! View a sample report.

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